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As one of the leading digital agencies in the Central European market, ACTUM has observed content silos and inefficiencies in content management within large international companies.

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Sitecore Content Hub helps companies with Digital Asset Management reducing costs and increasing effectivity.

Breaking Content Silos with Sitecore Content Hub

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, complex international companies with extensive product catalogues face an increasing number of challenges in managing and distributing digital assets. The growing demand for seamless content delivery across various markets, channels, and platforms requires a comprehensive and cost-efficient digital asset management (DAM) solution.

We focus on the critical role of DAM in optimizing content management, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity for B2B organizations with large product catalogues and a global footprint. We look into the unique challenges faced by such enterprises and present how a robust DAM solution, specifically tailored to meet B2B requirements, can revolutionize their content management strategies, enabling streamlined operations and increased competitiveness.

Challenges in Content Management

As an all-in-one solution, Sitecore Content Hub combines a wide range of advantages for the most challenging tasks.

Content Fragmentation

Content stored in silos across multiple platforms.

Inefficient Workflows

Lack of streamlined processes for content creation and approval.

Content Duplication

Multiple versions of the same content leading to inconsistencies.

Lack of visibility

Limited insights into content performance and ROI. Difficulty in scaling content production and distribution.

What can be improved?

Benefits of Efficient Digital Asset Management

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Efficient Digital Asset Management leads to cost reduction by optimizing resource allocation. Streamlined processes, centralized storage, and effective utilization of assets mean less time spent searching for files and fewer resources required to manage them.

Efficient Digital Asset Management enhances collaboration and productivity by providing a centralized platform for teams to access, collaborate, and share digital assets. This streamlines communication, minimizes redundancy, and fosters a collaborative environment, ultimately boosting productivity.

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Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Accelerated Time-to-Market

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Efficient Digital Asset Management accelerates time-to-market by allowing rapid retrieval and utilization of approved assets. Quick access to the right content and streamlined approval processes means faster content creation and deployment, ensuring products or campaigns reach the market swiftly.

Efficient Digital Asset Management ensures consistency and brand integrity by providing a centralized repository for approved and up-to-date assets. All stakeholders can access the latest, on-brand materials, maintaining a cohesive brand image across all marketing channels and touchpoints.

"We help our clients to take control of their content lifecycle from beginning to end. We offer a single, easy-to-manage platform combining content planning, production and distribution with DAM that unifies your entire organisation. A simple solution creates consistency across all your digital channels."

Radek Zíma, Client Success Lead at ACTUM Digital

Sitecore Content Hub

A Comprehensive Solution for B2B Digital Asset Management

Sitecore Content Hub stands as a cornerstone for efficient Digital Asset Management (DAM), presenting a holistic solution to the challenges faced by complex international B2B companies.

It offers a centralized platform that streamlines asset organization, distribution, and management, enabling enterprises to optimize their content processes while reducing costs.

One of the compelling aspects of Sitecore Content Hub is its adaptability to the unique needs of B2B enterprises. Recognizing the diverse product catalogues, multilingual requirements, compliance needs, and growth challenges inherent in B2B operations, Sitecore Content Hub can be tailored to align seamlessly with the complexities of your organization.

Sitecore Content Hub boasts a robust array of features and functionalities designed to enhance DAM for B2B entities. It offers efficient organization and retrieval of digital assets, advanced collaboration tools, streamlined workflows for faster time-to-market, and robust security measures to ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Key Takeaways

Transforming Digital Asset Management

By centralizing asset organization, retrieval, and distribution, it simplifies previously cumbersome workflows. This transformation accelerates operations, reduces operational costs, and fosters collaboration, enabling organizations to allocate resources strategically.

Enhancing Productivity: Streamlined Operations

Better productivity is achieved by automating repetitive tasks, facilitating streamlined approval workflows, and seamlessly integrating Content Hub with existing systems. Operational efficiency saves time and resources, empowering teams to focus on creativity, innovation, and strategic initiatives that drive overall business growth.

Brand Integrity & Consistency

The centralized repository in Sitecore Content Hub for approved assets enables standardized usage across all channels and regions, establishing a strong, uniform brand identity that instils customer confidence and nurtures lasting customer relationships.

Future-Ready Digital Asset Management

Scalability, adaptability, and continuous updates of the Content Hub ensure that organizations can scale to meet evolving requirements. This makes it a future-ready solution in a dynamic technological landscape.


Efficient Content Management

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital business, managing digital assets efficiently has become a crucial factor for success, particularly for B2B enterprises. These entities often struggle with large product catalogues and complex operational requirements across international markets.

Sitecore Content Hub emerges as a powerful solution, empowering B2B enterprises to achieve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in managing their digital assets.

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Sitecore case studies

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Bridging the Data Silos

Unlock Efficiency and Collaboration

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Centralizing access to thousands of assets across European countries and different languages in Sitecore Content Hub helped the client to improve cooperation and efficiency.
Actum provided Content Hub consultancy and developing tailored features and configurations to enhance client's journey.

Case Study

Award-winning CMS solution for METRO


How we built a multi-site and multi-language Sitecore solution with seamless content migration for the world’s leading B2B food wholesale retailer.

Office building

Case study

Flexible and scalable content platform for SCHOTT

Office building

The European energy company required a brand new digital ecosystem for smart meter automation. Actum built a Sitecore solution that transformed their entire operation.

Other Actum's clients with Sitecore solutions

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