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This is us

One of the largest independent digital agencies in Europe, ACTUM Digital is a family of more than 400 digital experts working in five European offices on hundreds of projects in over 15 languages for a vast range of global clients.

Our values

Open collaboration that creates elegant solutions for complex challenges

We thrive on challenge and close partnership with our clients, offering highly focused expertise, guidance and support at all stages of a project. From first inspiration to final implementation, we use 28 years of experience to give you the digital tools to transform your business and control your future.

ACTUM Digital story

Our story

Our success is our clients’ success

ACTUM Digital story

For over 28 years, we have worked with global companies and brands to create outstanding digital experiences, constantly moving forward and updating our knowledge to become one of Europe’s leading independent digital agencies. 

We give back

Anticorruption hackathon #Znamkamarada

ACTUM Digital Hackathon

The anticorruption hackathon challenged the suspicious and overpriced contract for selling highway vignettes. To prove their point, ACTUM Digital made an open call for IT volunteers to build the system by themselves for free in 48 hours. 194 programmers made it happen and the project had consequences. Minister of Transport was dismissed, the overpriced contract cancelled, and €11,000,000 of taxpayers' money saved.

ACTUM Digital Hackathon
ACTUM our people


Our people are our past, present and future. Find out what makes them tick. 

ACTUM our people

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