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Complete control for your data, applications, and processes

The world’s top organisations all benefit from using the Cloud, and we are unique in offering expertise in all three major Cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform. Whether this is your first step or a continuing journey, our experts can help migrate your organisation to the Cloud and improve every aspect of your work.

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Using AWS, Actum built a performant application for consignment management which is fully independent of the legacy system, scalable, and highly available. 

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Actum created a cloud-based platform, using Amazon Web Services, with 10 main modules, including a full-featured Kentico E-Commerce solution with an enhanced checkout page implemented in React JS.

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Benefits of cloud solutions delivered by ACTUM Digital

The benefits to using the Cloud are potentially limitless, but platform choice, control, flexibility and security are among the most important.


Multi-platform expertise

Our experts have a deep knowledge of not one but three key Cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.

Hybrid solutions

We can develop solutions that use a single platform or a combination of all three, giving you the best of all worlds when it comes to your Cloud journey.

Increased control

Migration to the Cloud gives you complete control and 24-7 visibility over your data and processes.

High flexibility

The real power of the Cloud lies in its flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of a growing organization.

Wide range of services

All Cloud projects come with a range of services that fully optimize your solution. Simply pick and choose the best ones for your organisation.


With a range of services and solutions, Actum will deliver the most cost-effective Cloud solution for your requirements.

High security

Our Cloud solutions provide the highest levels of security, giving you complete peace of mind over your data.

Complete support

At all stages of your content journey, Actum will be there to guide and help you achieve your operational and strategic goals.

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Application modernization with Microsoft Azure

Apollo Team

Microsoft Azure is a smart, cost-effective public cloud that assists organizations to remain competitive and profitable. By adopting Microsoft Azure, organizations can optimize cost, speed up the delivery of solutions, and focus on higher impact work.

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