The power of personalization

Shortening customer journeys for the leading German energy company


innogy SE

Technologies Involved


Sophisticated data-driven personalization

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As a top European energy provider, innogy have a number of defined target groups and wanted to shorten the customer journey of each, moving them quickly to their destination while building up their customer knowledge for improved engagement. Actum personalized the web journey, leading to a significant increase in traffic and sales cycle efficiency.

Main Site


Decrease in 'power supply' sales cycle.


Increase in web traffic to the job application site.


The number of personalized customer journeys required.

“We have a lot of target groups with diverse interests, so it’s important to shorten the customer journey and quickly move each visitor to the information they need. ACTUM Digital delivered a scalable web platform and personalization framework to serve tailored content to many personas.”
Sandra Köhler, Senior Manager of Digital Team at innogy


Sitecore Experience Awards

Sitecore Experience Awards 2016 Winner

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