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Building the Perfect Digital Platform


Founded in 2006, has grown to become of one of Europe’s largest short-term yacht chartering services.

Operating largely in the Aegean, Adriatic and the rest of the Mediterranean Sea, serves thousands of customers from all over the world every season with a choice of tens of thousands of boats.

They also offer a wide array of other services ranging from sailing courses all the way up to certified captain training.


As most rapidly expanding organisations will confirm, growth is not always the easiest process to manage.

When technical solutions designed with earlier stages of business development in mind meet an urgent demand for upscaling, teams can quickly encounter new challenges.

This is where found themselves. Having undergone significant growth since their founding, old systems and processes were beginning to show their age as workloads increased.

Many of’s operations such as support and contracting required the use of several separate systems as well as a large amount of manual labour.

More importantly, found it increasingly difficult to manage the sheer amount of data that the business was generating, leading to avoidable mistakes and lost revenue.

Goals wanted a platform that could integrate every element of their operation and slash the amount of administrative overhead their staff needed to handle.

The platform would need to form a single source of truth through which data could be quickly shared across the entire organisation, allowing for workers in every department to communicate and cooperate at maximum efficiency.

In terms of measurable performance,’s aim with the project was to maximise customer satisfaction and retention by mitigating the risk of data loss as a result of human error and to significantly speed up all their processes.


By democratising access to data across the entire business, the platform enabled to operate with a whole new degree of flexibility.

With all the new information easily available to them, the sales and marketing teams were able to craft the perfect personalised offers and campaigns in record time, allowing them to convert more prospects into paying customers.

At a higher level,’s management were given the crystal-clear perspective on company-wide performance that they needed to confidently make key strategic decisions without a fear that critical data may have been overlooked or mishandled.


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Using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, ACTUM Digital helped to build a new platform that gave workers access to every single aspect of’s operation, from chartering and booking systems to customer support.

This had a profound impact on’s overall productivity as by eliminating any need to reply on external tools, staff found themselves successfully handling double the number of requests from clients with almost zero errors.

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“We had a great experience with Actum. The team was full of highly capable professionals, who knew Salesforce inside and out. They helped to deliver the right balance between an out-of-the-box Salesforce solution and one custom developed for our specific needs. We appreciated the fast onboarding process and their cooperation in defining the best solution, as well as the ongoing guidance helping us to discover the wide range of possibilities offered by Salesforce”
Lukas Safarik | COO, 


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