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About Sitecore CDP

Be the ultimate owner of the customer data

Are you looking for a way to connect and activate customer data across your ecosystem? Do you want to drive relevance, conversions, and revenue with an intelligent customer data platform? If so, you need Sitecore CDP.

sitecore cdp
Sitecore Customer Data Platforms helps you to fully unify and leverage your customer data in real-time.

Key Features

Sitecore CDP is a powerful solution that captures, unifies, and activates omnichannel customer data in real-time. It enables you to:

Useful data collection

Collect every click, search, tap, and buying signal from every channel for actionable insights.

Tailor the customer experience

Understand the context of each interaction and tailor your customer experience (CX).

Analyse collected data

Aggregate visitors' attributes, behaviors, and transactions to power BI analytics and real-time dashboards.

Create customer profiles

Create intuitive and bespoke audience segments to target across channels.

Grow your business

Employ your organization’s data assets for exceptional customer experiences that drive growth.

Recognizing customers

Unify profiles with automatic identification, and unlock first-party data with no compromise to privacy

Connected services

Integrate with Sitecore CDP APIs and SitecoreCloud SDK to send data from any source.

Easy data export

Export all your organization's data from Sitecore CDP data lake to Amazon S3 for advanced analysis and modeling.

Breaking data silos with Sitecore CDP 

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Don't miss this opportunity to transform data silos into winning customer experiences. Contact us today and get started with Sitecore CDP.

omnichannel digital experience

Trusted technology

Sitecore CDP is trusted by mega brands like Emirates, who leveraged deep insight for improved CX. Sitecore CDP empowers Emirates to combine customer survey data with personalization — pinpointing pain points and speeding fixes.

Connecting platforms

Sitecore CDP also offers a host of powerful, pre-built connectors and other solutions from Sitecore and our partners. You can use Sitecore CDP with Tealium, Responsys, SCV, CRM, ESP, DMP, POS, and more via stream, batch, and interactive APIs.

Start now!

If you want to discover how to connect and activate customer data to drive relevance with our intelligent customer data platform, schedule a call with our technical experts.

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