New website solution for KB Pojišťovna

Elevating User Experience with Kentico Technology

kb pojistovna website


kb pojistovna website

KB Pojišťovna is a universal insurance company operating since 1995 on the Czech market. Together with Komerční Banka it is a part of the Société Générale group that operates across the EU. It holds a significant market position in Czech life insurance.


The client's challenge revolved around their former website , which was custom developed over several years with a complex system architecture.

The website's core function involved highly customized forms for claims reporting with numerous conditions. However, the website was graphically and technically obsolete, making it difficult for the client to edit and maintain the site and manage the forms effectively.


KP collaborated with ACTUM Digital to revamp their website and unify the solution within the Societe Generale Group. The main objective was to implement a user-friendly CMS that would allow for seamless content editing and ensure the website displayed fully dynamic content.

In addition, KP aimed to enhance the overall user experience (UX) and develop a website that would encourage clients to utilize the online forms for reporting insurance damage. This would streamline the process for insurance assessors and save time for KB employees responsible for gathering customer reports.


Actum created a new website that was fast, secure and with great UX for multiple user groups.

By implementing Kentico CMS, KB Pojišťovna gained complete control over the management of their website content. The customized Kentico form builder facilitated easy form creation, editing, and inclusion of complex conditions.

Overall, our cooperation resulted in the successful development of a cutting-edge website, improved content management control, and an impressive increase in user engagement through streamlined reporting channels. Additionally, this project served as a foundation for and KB Private banking projects.


kb pojistovna website

Actum built a new website on Kentico DXP platform in just 4 months, using MS SQL, NET Framework & REACT technologies.

With Kentico form builder we have crafted 37 dynamic forms for damage reporting, including 9 personal insurance forms, 2 property & liability insurance forms, 8 travel, 10 card & 8 credit insurance forms.

Moreover, our team integrated the form builder with several 3rd party providers, mapping each form field to the service provider’s API. This integration enabled the visual presentation of investment fund performance and simplified the form submission processes.

kb pojistovna website
KB Pojišťovna

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Dynamic forms for damage reporting


Of client damage reports are done online (compared to 0% previously)

4 months

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