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Dormer Pramet

Educatius Group are the world’s largest organisation which helps international students find and apply for high school programs all around the globe. Working with 2,000 high schools in 21 different countries, over 6,000 students each year are given the opportunity to attend the program of their dreams.


Educatius leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) to process and store their clients and partners’ information gathered from their websites.

Over the past several years, Educatius’ CRM has been maintained by a series of different external partners. Unfortunately, these teams have not always provided Educatius with the highest quality of service. Updates to the CRM were often poorly documented. While this did not cause issues immediately, as more updates have been applied and the people responsible for them have moved on, it became very difficult to isolate and fix bugs within the CRM in a timely manner.


Educatius approached ACTUM Digital with a clear goal in mind as to what they wanted to achieve with the project.

Educatius needed a highly experienced partner that could go over their CRM with a fine-tooth comb and resolve much of the technical debt that had built up as a result of the previous teams' poor development practices and maintaining the CRM into the future. To accomplish this, ACTUM’s team would have to go in almost blind with very little in the way of documentation to guide them.

One of the key metrics of success would be ACTUM’s ability to cut the amount of time needed to track down the causes of future issues and implement fixes.


As a result of ACTUM’s ongoing efforts, Educatius now has a fully functional and well-maintained CRM that is entirely free from the endemic issues that it was previously plagued with. This has had a significant impact on the productivity of their staff as they can now focus on providing their clients with the best service possible rather than wrestling with a poorly maintained CRM.



ACTUM conducted a thorough audit of Educatius’ CRM so as to allow them to fully understand the scope of the task and thoroughly plan their approach.

Once the key issues were identified by the team, steps were taken to resolve them. Some of the most critical work saw the ACTUM team tackle several outdated systems in the CRM that was affecting its connectivity with vital third-party systems and causing client data to become unrecoverable.

Great care was taken to ensure that the solutions implemented were not simply quick but were more importantly done in a way that would simplify future updates and maintenance.

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