Copy General: The Business Case for Putting Customers First

How a Customer-Centric Approach Can Increase Your Revenue

Copy General


Copy General

Copy General is a leading provider of reprographic, printing, and copying services in Central and Eastern Europe. Their services include printing, document scanning, selling printers and scanners, and custom applications. With retail centers in Prague, Budapest, and Warsaw, they offer services to large companies, small businesses, and individual clients.


Copy General recognized the need to enhance the performance of its printing division and was looking for an external consultancy to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their existing processes.

Additionally, they aimed to explore innovative approaches that could drive a significant increase in return on investment (ROI).


By collaborating with ACTUM Digital, Copy General sought to identify potential areas for improvement and implement strategic adjustments to elevate the division's overall performance and profitability.


Copy General's partnership with Actum was a game-changer, allowing the company to shift to a customer-centric approach.

Consequently, they acquired new customers, increased order frequency and value, and improved retention rates. This led to higher revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction overall.

By prioritizing the customer journey and addressing pain points, Copy General transformed its business model and is now well-equipped to thrive in today's competitive market and exceed customer expectations at every touchpoint.


Copy General

Actum worked with Copy General stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive audit of the current processes. Additionally, our team, drawing on its prior experience in the field, adopted a Customer-Centric approach to delve into the buyer's journey and needs.

Using the Design Sprint framework, we started with qualitative user research and conducted 20+ hours of in-depth interviews with Copy General's customers to understand their needs. Based on the researched data, Actum built the company's persona profiles and created an experience map including most common user scenarios. User Journey Mapping helped Copy General to see customers' pain points and map 50+ "How Might We" opportunities.

After presenting the research data to the business, Actum and Copy General worked together to create a roadmap with over 100 generated ideas that could significantly improve the customer experience for multiple segments of their client base.

Copy General
“Due to ACTUM’s excellent research, we’ve been able to unpack our previous decision-making process and understand how we had been working with assumptions that were not based in fact.”
Roman Petr, CEO | Copy General


Hours of in-depth interviews with the customers


How Might We (HMW) statements


Generated Ideas on how to improve customer experience

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