Enhancing Global Communication with Machine Learning Translations

Leveraging Machine learning capabilities of Azure automatic translator

Faster communication across many languages

Turning from manual work to automatic translation

A global automotive conglomerate operates internationally, providing extensive document translations in numerous languages each year. They leveraged Azure AI for improved translation efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness to meet growing demands and evolving communication needs.


Translation matters

Importance of both high quality & quantity


Translating a large volume of words annually across 60+ languages may seem extraordinary, but it's the norm for the company's Language Services team. They handle diverse document translations, from important User's manuals to crucial management documents and documentation, maintaining a high standard of translation quality, especially for legally binding content.
The translated text specific for the automotive industry must match all apps and other omnichannel content, which is managed with translation memories. Also, the company uses brand-specific translation texts that are stored in databases and used by agencies worldwide.

Growing number of translations

Translation challenges

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Over the past few years, language services have seen a notable surge in translation work, especially with an emphasis on digital transformation.

Clients now demand faster results, sometimes within 24 hours, while keeping translation quality high. Today, the portal manages over 16,000 projects per day. However, the rules-based translation approach, related to adding a new language, poses cost and scalability challenges, hindering speed and storage capacities.

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Machine Learning model

To tackle the challenges, the company explored cloud-based options, seeking enhanced scalability and flexibility through neural machine translation models. After a thorough evaluation, they selected Microsoft Azure for its Cognitive Services and pre-trained Machine Learning models, customizing translations for specific automotive terminology.

The new solution

The Azure-powered system now efficiently handles translations into several languages and offers accessibility via smartphones, streamlining processes and simplifying memory updates compared to the previous solution.

Translating various document types

The initial translation system primarily handled text translation but has since evolved to include document translation. This expansion enables quick translation of various file types, facilitating efficient communication across languages and improving effectiveness. The documents vary from small to large amounts of pages, also keeping the structure and layout of the document, further excluding manual work.

Automotive regulations and laws

Translating Legislation Documents

Additionally, the system aids the automotive company in staying up-to-date with automotive regulations and safety legislation worldwide by swiftly interpreting and understanding new laws, usually a large number of documents. With the new solution, the company ensures compliance and safety across different regions.

Azure Cloud

Compliant service

Azure Data Protection

Azure Cloud

A critical aspect was compliance with strict data protection regulations within the European Union. Microsoft Azure stood out as the preferred choice due to its ability to ensure data doesn't leave the EU, aligning with EU data protection requirements. Unlike other open-source solutions, Azure offers enhanced data security and confidentiality, adhering to regulations that prohibit machine translation of personal or confidential data, crucial for maintaining compliance with EU data protection laws.

Transforming the company

Revolutionizing Translation with Azure ML Translations

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The deployment of neural network-based translation significantly enhances quality and speed, transforming how the organization handles vast amounts of data. Mechanics worldwide access and input vehicle data in their native language, effortlessly obtaining technical product details.
Leveraging Azure's suite of services like Data Lake, Machine Learning, and Stream Analytics, the organization centralizes, translates, and shares technical information across global markets, improving accessibility and standardization.

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Looking ahead

Vision for the future

Moving forward, the automotive industry company aims to optimize translation capabilities, expand integration with various platforms, including Office 365, and embrace new features offered by the cloud environment for broader application within the company, all in collaboration with Microsoft.

Proven competence

Awards & certifications

Microsoft Gold Implementation Partner since 2005
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Winner - Microsoft Business Process Management and Automation Award

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