Use a digital-first product information management solution designed to drive revenue.

Inriver and ACTUM Digital

Seamless integration of leading technologies

As Inriver partner we help you build a stellar customer experience across every catalog, marketplace, and touchpoint by integrating Inriver PIM to your digital platform.

Inriver's benefits - airplane taking off

Key features

A single solution with limitless capabilities to power great e-commerce experience in all channels.

Elastic data model

The flexible entity structure allows you to quickly adapt to the ever-changing business and customer behavior.

Future proof

Built to work with technologies that run just about everything.

Business first approach

Inriver puts business owners in the driver’s seat and empowers them to control all processes across the revenue landscape with ease.


As a multi-tenant SaaS solution which runs on Microsoft Azure, Inriver is secure and fast-to-deploy.

Engagement intelligence

With the AI-powered smart search technology, you always know what product content moves the needle in a buying decision and what is driving engagement.

Supplier onboarding

Inriver Supplier Onboarding provides a single channel for data transfer accelerating the onboarding and saving time and money.

Predictable costs

With a Saas solution, all updates and new releases are automatically available to you. There are no upgrade projects - ever.


Each organization is different. With Inriver, you have the flexibility and tools to configure your solution to best suit your needs.

Proven Competence

Inriver Implementation Partner 

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