The complete localization technology suite

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Technology that transforms global business

Open the door to global business and drive growth with the world's most customizable, all-in-one localization suite. Combining the best of a translation management system (Phrase TMS) and software localization tool (Phrase Strings)—and offering the latest in AI and machine translation (MT) technology—the Phrase Suite is built to automate, manage, and translate all your content into the languages your audiences speak, and the experiences they live.

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The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of using Phrase

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According to a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting, a composite organization using Phrase drove an ROI of 527% within 3 years.

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Phrase TMS

Automate translation workflows, reduce translation costs with MT and AI, and easily manage multiple translation vendors—all with cost control and quality checks. Phrase TMS is your go-to solution for enterprise localization.

Phrase Strings

Phrase Strings

Centralize your software copy in Phrase Strings so that developers, designers, product managers, and translators can work with it efficiently from start to finish, at scale.

Phrase Translate

Phrase Translate

Boost translation workflows with AI-powered MT software and 30+ MT engines. With Phrase Translate, AI technology automatically chooses the most optimal MT engine for each translation (based on language pair and content type) —helping you leverage high quality translations, instantly.


Phrase NextMT

The first TMS-ready machine translation engine and latest addition to Phrase Translate, Phrase NextMT is capable of adapting your translation memories and glossaries to produce higher quality translations, as well as a greater degree of customization, automation, and integration.

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