System Integration​

Reach your goals with end-to-end transformations.​

What’s it about

Deliver the right things the right way​

We help clients translate business strategy and objectives into actionable insights. Defining changes to business domains, designing architecture concepts, leveraging data, or introducing new technologies are among our many capabilities in delivering end-to-end solutions. ​


The most important advantages


Actum does more than deliver partial solutions, we are a trusted partner for all digital. By combining right technologies with proven expertise of our experienced team, we can deliver large-scale projects from design phase to production and solve the most pressing business problems for market leaders across the globe.

Architecture Design​

Defining architecture blueprint for multi-component projects using industry specific referential architecture.​

Application Design​

Analyzing and designing multi-layer applications, focusing on clear definition of functional areas, architectural and technology fit.​

Data Architecture​

Enabling companies to achieve their business and project goals through design and changes to data integration and data processing.​

Governance & Delivery​

Enabling clients to effectively deliver through integration of the best delivery practices and changes to the Governance model.​

Data Strategy​

Defining or modifying clients’ data strategy that supports data-driven culture and gradually contributes to building data-driven organizations.​

Data Engineering​

Modernizing clients’ data landscapes using next generation cloud-enabled platforms and big data architectures to provide the backbone for new data analytics use-cases.​

Data Visualization​

Delivering data through easy-to-comprehend, visually appealing and functional dashboards in BI tools for obtaining key insights about the business.​

Data Monetization​

Harnessing the power of processed, analyzed and assetized clients’ data to create real business value for stakeholders.​

“With the unique expertise of our team we help clients turn their business strategy into reality. We deliver end-to-end solutions leveraging our experience in architecture and application design, data strategy, data integration, and large project delivery.“​
Jiri Mizera, Managing Partner, ACTUM Digital​

Proven competence

Architecture Solutions​
Data Strategy and Integration​
Large-scale project delivery​

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