Stork's Global Website Transformation

Kentico DXP and ACTUM Digital Solution for B2B

Dormer Pramet


Dormer Pramet

Stork, part of Fluor company, provides integrated solutions for asset integrity, operations, maintenance, and modification globally. Serving over 4,000 clients in various industries, Stork aims to enhance asset performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness while building lifelong partnerships for sustainable growth.


Stork's challenge was to revitalize its online brand presence by creating a customer-centric digital platform, as its previous website was an amalgamation of multiple smaller legacy websites.  

Stork selected Kentico DXP as their CMS platform for its complete digital experience, strong integration, security features, and user-friendly interface.  

ACTUM Digital was chosen as an implementation partner to leverage the Kentico accelerator, achieving a robust, full-featured content management platform that is independent from developers and provides the fastest time to market with a modern frontend and backend development stack.


Stork came into the partnership with Actum to maximize engagement on their digital platform, generate highly relevant leads, reduce bounce rate, and offer a quality brand experience.

To achieve this, they needed to leverage the marketing suite for improved customer journeys, collect GDPR-compliant customer interactions, and enable marketers and content editors to build seamless experiences without being dependent on development.


The project was highly successful in achieving Stork's objectives, with significant improvements across key performance indicators (KPIs). The website was optimized for high performance, resulting in an average loading speed reduction of 50%. The user experience was improved, with a 25% reduction in bounce rate and easy two-click navigation to all service pages.

Stork's accessible content strategy, featuring concise and consistent copywriting, resulted in an impressive 60% increase in the average session duration. The website was designed to drive conversions, resulting in a significant 125% increase in average conversions rate/ month. Overall, the project was highly effective, exceeding Stork's expectations and providing them with a powerful web solution.



With access to Stork's customer insights, Actum’s design team created an extensive design library available for all devices with many various components and templates (landing pages).

The components were then redesigned and tailored to meet the customers’ needs, with Actum defining the UX/UI, requirements, goals, business & integration logic, and content plan to ensure a smooth development process.

The new Stork web solution included several important integrations such as OKTA authentication, automated translation service, etc. Most of the marketing features were covered by integrations with MS Dynamics. It enabled Stork to capture conversions and create tailored customer journeys for service and country pages, as well as whitepaper and webinar downloads.


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“We are proud of our fully revised, modern and flexible website built on Kentico Experience. With this new website solution, we managed to achieve and overshoot our objectives in terms of user experience, performance and conversions. It is a solid foundation that will help us to achieve our future digital marketing goals.”
Michiel Van Beveren, Digital Marketing Manager | Stork, a Fluor Company

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