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AI is transforming the world of content creation, process automation, content personalization, enhancing customer services and driving innovation at unparalleled speed. Microsoft Azure AI services offer unparalleled private, pre-trained AI models to aid enterprises with a wide variety of tasks.

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Key Services

Azure AI Services offer a broad portfolio of services to power various business scenarios, automation or custom applications. While not an extensive list, these are the main types of services offered by Microsoft, each applied for a specific use cases:

Azure OpenAI Service

Access large-scale AI models such as GPT4 to create intelligent applications with natural language understanding and generation.

Azure Cognitive Services

A suite of out-of-the-box and customizable AI tools, APIs, and models that help to modernize business processes faster.

Azure Machine Learning

Build, train, and deploy ML models using an AI supercomputing infrastructure, familiar tools and open-source frameworks.

Azure Applied AI Services

Set of high-level services focused on empowering developers to quickly unlock the value of data by applying AI to their critical business scenarios.


Azure AI services are a suite of cloud-based tools that allow organizations and enterprises to leverage modern technologies while ensuring compliance and security on an enterprise level. Here the key benefits of relying on Azure AI:

Proven AI Services

Azure is powering AI capabilities in Xbox, HoloLens and Microsoft Teams and leverages decades of research and responsible AI practices.

Built-in privacy features

Integrated safety systems, role-based authentication, content filtering and abuse monitoring, as well as private AI instances, do not leak data and are not used to train models.

Accelerate time to value

Launching solutions takes only days - not months - with Azure Applied AI Services that combine Azure and business logic.


Tools, services and guidelines will help you use AI responsibly while also preserving data privacy, transparency, and trust.

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Christie's was able to reduce their maintenance costs by migrating their website to Azure App Service. Christie's switched to digital channels and vastly reduced the number of printed catalogues while enabling users to discover new works of art compliant with WCAG and ADA Standards.


Case study



Using Azure in PaaS mode has allowed us to save on costs connected with deployment and continuous integration. Less effort was spent on any geolocation scaling and, of course, we have avoided any hassle with security patches.

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