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Building an e-commerce development team for the Top 10 German retailer

CONRAD Electronic ACTUM solution


Conrad Electronic SE

Services Involved


Building a bespoke international development team


With a core focus on electronic components, the leading global retailer wanted to build a new e-commerce solution that enabled them to serve their customers quickly and efficiently using decoupled cloud-first architecture. Working together, we created a 50-person international development hub that created a brand new design before integrating our solution with the client’s existing microservices. The result is an ongoing project with continuous integration and analysis.

“Conrad and Actum have been working together for many years now. Currently we are building the Actum-Conrad Development Campus together – a development and innovation hub in Actum's Prague offices that will accelerate the introduction of digital services an innovation for Conrad. Actum’s expertise and access to talented resources is instrumental in staffing this team of 50 experts.”
Ales Drabek, Chief Digital and Disruption Officer, Conrad Electronic


The amount of products Conrad are now able to offer through their website


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The number of different nationalities represented in the development team

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