A new generation platform for fast & transparent data integration in the cloud.

Keboola and Actum

Take control of your data

With Keboola's powerful data tool and Actum's expertise in seamless integration, you can now focus on harnessing the insights from your data without wasting time on tedious preparation, setup, and technical details. Let us handle the complexities while you make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

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Keboola technology

Key features

Keboola's data integration and automation solution allows you to ETL your data without a need for heavy technology

Quick access to value 

Integrate your legacy data tools with minimum effort and cut down your data processing time from weeks to hours. With hundreds of existing connectors, we handle the integrations while you focus on data models and data-driven decision-making.

Sustainable technology 

In a world of legacy tools and systems for data storage, transformation, sharing & security, staying up-to-date can be costly. Our approach integrates new tools seamlessly, keeping your system sustainable and cost-effective. Focus your budget on data science, not on technology maintenance.

Power to business team

Data is invaluable, but its value lies in accessibility and usability. If you can't leverage your data, its worth diminishes. Your business team requires data access to make decisions, test, and pilot projects. If technology hampers their agility and effectiveness, it's time for a change.

Proven competence

Keboola Implementation Partner

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