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Tableau and ACTUM Digital

See and understand your data with Tableau Solution

Our team of certified experts will help you create highly interactive and visually appealing reports that make complex data easier to understand and analyze, supporting you in making data-driven decisions. 


Tableau technology

Key features

Market-leading BI platform for faster data exploration, insights sharing, and business transformation.

Automated Reporting 

From Descriptive analysis to Diagnostic or Prescriptive to deliver important KPIs, support data-driven decision-making, or transform a business into an automated world.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities 

Tableau provides advanced analytics features such as forecasting, trend analysis, and statistical calculations, empowering users to gain deeper insights and perform complex data analysis. 

Near Real-time Analytics

Tableau's ability to connect to live data sources enables real-time analysis, providing timely insights into changing data trends and helping businesses respond more effectively to dynamic market conditions. 

Seamless Data Integration

Tableau seamlessly integrates with numerous data sources, including databases, spreadsheets, cloud services, and big data platforms, simplifying the process of combining and analyzing disparate data. 

Collaboration and Sharing

Tableau facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share dashboards, visualizations, and insights with colleagues and stakeholders, promoting data-driven decision-making across the organization. 

Data Security

Tableau ensures data security through various authentication and encryption mechanisms, keeping sensitive information protected and compliant with industry regulations. 


Data Visualization Approach in Tableau 

A good visualization tells a story, removing the noise from data and highlighting useful information.

Business Requirements Definition

Develop insights through interviews and workshops with real users to understand your business needs and develop a tailored solution

Wireframing & Prototyping                

Design UX/UI for various devices and development in Tableau 

Dashboard Development                 

Leveraging best practices and pre- developer templates to speed up the process.  

Post-implementation support and trainings  

Create a customized training and adoption plan for your organization. 

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