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SIKO are one of the big Czech success stories to emerge after the fall of Communism in the early 1990s with a revenue of over 5 billion Czech Koruna in 2021 and huge growth anticipated in 2022.

Founded by Jaroslava Valova in 1991, SIKO has gone from strength to strength over the last 30 years and is now the Czech Republic's largest supplier of bathroom fixtures and fittings.



In 2019, SIKO took the decision to completely revamp their e-shop, migrating away from Sitecore and instead opting to use several SAP-based technologies.

During development, SIKO were severely let down by the partners they'd trusted to manage the process, leaving them with a barely functional website.

It was during this difficult time that SIKO and ACTUM Digital created a strong partnership that would see the creation of a new e-commerce site and a revamping of SIKO’s approach to software development.


SIKO had a clear vision of what they were looking to achieve by working with ACTUM Digital.

Firstly, SIKO wanted to stabilize the website and get on par with former solution. Once completed a managed development roadmap had to be established to satisfy the needs of the customers on B2C websites in 3 countries.

Furthermore, the need for hyperpersnalized communication led to implementation of Bloomreach Engagement platform.

Finally, SIKO aimed to future-proof their operations so that they could avoid finding themselves in similar situations further down the line.


In three years of co-operation, SIKO has been able to:

Completely revamp every aspect of their online operation, including UX, web analytics and SEO whilst also automating marketing activities using Bloomreach DXP.

Re-establish a high degree of confidence and trust in the technology they rely on across the organisation.

Support their expansion into the Hungarian market with a fully internal development and support team sourced by ACTUM Digital.



Initially, ACTUM dedicated a multicompetence team to address the key issues.

This team of specialists from various fields provided end-to-end responsibility for SIKO’s B2C e-commerce platform.

As part of this commitment to SIKO's long term performance, ACTUM assembled and onboarded a complete dev team for SIKO and helped to build the development and product management processes based on SAFe framework.

ACTUM Digital is responsible also for implementation of Marketing Automation processes based on Bloomreach Engagement platform.


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"Together with the ACTUM Digital team we are successfully managing our digital transformation process. It was a big step for us, working with an external partner and building up a remote team while maintaining operational effectiveness. Thank you ACTUM for continuing the great work!"
Tomáš Vala, CEO | SIKO koupelny


YOY revenue growth of the e-shop in 2020


Share of the e-shop in total retail sales of bathrooms

2 years

of successful continuous development to deliver business goals

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