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The award-winning digital experience platform.

Kentico XP and Actum

Europe’s leading Kentico partners

Kentico Gold Partner and Quality Expert, Actum have a long and successful relationship with the DX platform that’s resulted in a series of elegant Xperience solutions to complex digital challenges. Ideal for companies looking for low risk, high performance platforms.
Kentico Experience in Actum
Kentico Xperience (XP)


Key features

Kentico Xperience is a fully integrated solution for complex digital challenges with a wide range of benefits.

Full DXP tool suite

Contains all the key digital experience tools for a single solution

Unique solution

Fully customizable for you and your business.

Versatile and scalable

Seamless performance whatever the project size, with enterprise-grade scalability.

Fully adaptable

Able to plug into your existing technology for seamless integration.


An all-in-one solution means no extra costs for increased functionality.

Personalized experience

Personalization tools on all platforms as standard.

Automate your campaigns

Offers everything you need to engage your customers with maximum efficiency.

Set up and go

Out-of-the-box functionality means you can be up and running in no time.
Komercni Banka case study

Case study

How we built a new Kentico Xperience platform for Komerční banka

Komercni Banka case study
One of the leading banks in Central and Eastern Europe needed a complex, multi-platform, multi-server solution for personalization, email marketing, and lead gathering.

Case Study

Building a portfolio of websites for La Lorraine Bakery Group

La Lorraine Kentico
As one of five websites we created for the Belgian bakery group La Lorraine, our solution for Panesco increased relevant traffic by 220%.
La Lorraine Kentico
yachting Kentico

Case study

Intelligent search for luxury boat bookers

yachting Kentico
The world’s leading luxury yacht booking site saw their sales soar by over 62% after Actum implemented a new Kentico search solution.
“Thanks to new platform built on Kentico, our website is comprehensible and transparent to our customers. In addition, our new website allows easier and much more effective work for sales personnel who create content on our web. The Actum team did a really good job at a very high professional level.”
Kateřina Šušáková, Communication Manager, Komerční banka

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