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Robust search framework for your website and online catalog

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Poor search results deter over 60% of visitors from returning to your website and converting. We drive your revenue through expertly crafted Search solutions.     

Search out-of-the box

Make search results more relevant and available immediately

ACTUM's Serverless Search Framework enables organizations to quickly bring new search features both to end customers and internal users. This is enabled by leveraging a single source of truth.

Speed up tenfold the time to show the search results, reduce time to index data and increase your click-through rate to improve your conversions and revenue.


Scalable solution with low maintenance costs

Cost effective technology


With an open-source based solution, you will save a significant budget on license fees. By leveraging our serverless search framework, you won't have to pay for any hardware - just the consumption you use.  No retainers.

Packed with features

With an easily customizable query functionality, functions such as stemming, fuzzy search, autocomplete and many more become available.
Customize the search to best fit your customers and staff.

Relevant Search results

The index that provides search results is updated near-real time, preventing any outdated results from being displayed to users. This is achieved with initial and delta indexing through event-driven or polling mechanisms.

Designing and implementation Monitoring as a Code

If your monitoring is set incorrectly, incidents are not reported by your customer care, but directly by disgruntled customers. And the last thing you need is to have customers not being able to access your services.

Benefits of the Enterprise Search

Fast. Out-of-the-box.

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By leveraging Infrastructure as a code, spinning up new environments is a matter of minutes, not hours.

What's cool about this:
1. Quick and easy to setup
2. Your search will be fully customizable
3. No license fees to be paid
4. Infrastructure is never idle

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