Business-led, web app modernization

Be on a clear path to manage modernization from legacy to new applications or platforms.

Modernize with Microsoft Azure

A fast, agile and secure experience for data management

Microsoft Azure is a smart, cost-effective public cloud that assists organizations to remain competitive and profitable. Optimize cost, accelerate the delivery and focus on higher impact work. Enjoy scalable storage, stronger data security, task automation, and plenty of cloud services while utilizing Microsoft Azure to meet each company’s cloud usage demands.

Azure in ACTUM Digital

Key features

Why should you modernize your web app?

There must always be a business reason behind the modernization of your application. Here are some of the key features of Microsoft Azure.


Azure offers cloud and hybrid cloud solutions that unlock your company’s potential.

Flexible and scalable

A constantly expanding range of services for a solution that grows alongside your business.

Serverless platform

Going serverless means simpler solutions for more complex challenges.

Cost optimization

Increase value with tools and guidance to get the most out of your cloud solution.

Database management

Fully managed database services that free up time and offer new opportunities.

Tech trust

Benefit from the knowledge, innovation and support from the world’s leading technology company.

Highly secure

Built-in multi-layered security and intelligent threat protection.

Disaster recovery

High-speed, decentralized infrastructure results in reassuring disaster recovery plans.

Proven competence

Awards & certifications

Microsoft Gold Implementation Partner since 2005
Azure expert certification
Microsoft Azure expert certifications
The best
Microsoft Certified Partner

First class implementation and consultancy

Start your cloud journey with ACTUM Digital

We focus mainly on refactoring/rearchitecting web apps, and on complete replacement of the existing applications with new, cloud-native apps.

Refactor / Rearchitect your application

Cloud migration

We make adjustments to your current apps to better fit the cloud environment and to get maximum from the cloud use.

Replace your legacy application

Cloud native

If adjusting would not be reasonable, we will replace the legacy applications with new, efficient, and flexible apps leveraging the cloud at full throttle!

Full control over the modernization

Strategy and plan

Together, we will assess your current solution and set a strategy, plan, and execution in motion. You will have full transparency into the process at any time.

Consult your needs with us

Or give us a call, we will be happy to consult your case

Radek Zima

Radek Zíma

Account Director, ACTUM Digital

Apollo Team

The "One Month Sitecore" with Azure

A safe pair of hands for Sitecore solutions

Apollo Team

Actum offers years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of Sitecore technology, including Sitecore XP and Content Hub, as well as our unique One Month Sitecore service leveraging Azure cloud.

Case study



Using Azure in PaaS mode has allowed us to save on costs connected with deployment and continuous integration. Less effort was spent on any geolocation scaling and, of course, we have avoided any hassle with security patches.


Case study



The key goal was to increase brand awareness with impact on lead generation using sample orders and contact forms. Secondary goals were to extend the website with more relevant content, to increase brand engagement by increasing content downloads and subscription to the newsletter, to create a unique web design and increase web traffic.

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